D’ALBORA reviews the Axopar 37

D’ALBORA Marinas Peter and Simon experienced the newest in the Axopar range at the recent Boat Buyers Weekend held at D’ALBORA Marinas The Spit.

Heading off through Middle Harbour on the newest Axopar at 40 knots was impressive. The Axopar 37, the brand’s latest addition was a success with all visitors to the Boat Buyers Weekend, both for its stunning performance – brought on by twin 350 horsepower Mercury engines and a range of body options. The full 40 knots cruising was formidable, equally so was the turning circle, which at speed didn’t demonstrate any slip, proving its equally impressive agility.

With a range of body styles to suit the weekender boater, the Axopar delivers efficient Scandinavian style without compromising on function and agility. All Axopar 37’s come with a full double cabin – big enough for a weekend away and functional options include an aft cabin for extra guests, a full wet bar or an open deck for the entertainer.

For those looking to purchase or looking at an upgrade, the Axopar 37 delivers a performance suited for a couple, family or entertainer – for fishing, cruising or lazy days berthed at any one of our spectacular D’ALBORA marinas.

The Axopar 37 is brokered by the Boat Brokerage at D’ALBORA Marinas The Spit. To enquire email enquiries@theboatbrokerage.com or call 02 8970 9185. 

Our top seven apps for boating

Whether you’re looking for an app to guide you safely back into shore or wanting to escape the daily grind and looking for your next holiday destination, the apps below will steer you on the right course.

  • D’ALBORA Marinas M.Y Marina
    D’ALBORA had one sole objective when designing the app – to make your time on the water as enjoyable and effortless as possible. Request dock master assistance at the push of a button, member fuel prices, marina and member notifications and live weather. Cost: $0
    D'ALBORA Marina app
  • Luxury Escapes
    Because we can dream it one day and be there the next…
    Free travel tips, guides, stays and daily inspiration. Cost: $0
    Luxury Escapes image
  • Nautical Terms – Sailing, Boating and Marine Glossary
    When you need to know the difference between an everyday block and a monkey block, this will keep your language ship-shape. Cost: $1.49
    Nautical terms app logo
  • Australian Gourmet Fast
    Brought to you by Australian Gourmet Traveller. Step off the boat and have your catch prepared in 30 minutes. Can’t get faster and fresher than that. Cost: $0 upfront – some in-app purchases.
    Australian Gourmet Fast app logo
  • Boaters Toolkit 
    Create checklists for maintenance, shopping, before you leave and when you get home. Store all your boat info such as rego, parts and accessories so its all on hand. Create rider preferences for wakeboarding and skiing. Easy access to GPS Speedometer and maps – capture all your favourite fishing and anchoring spots with one easy button. Cost: $1.49
    Boaters Toolkit
  • Marine Rescue NSW 
    Log on to the Marine Rescue app and be assured that someone has your back. Enter your journey plans, or allow tracking for added piece of mind. Marine Rescue is the NSW Governments official volunteer marine rescue organisation. Cost: $0
    Marine Rescue app logo
  • Australian Coastguard SafeTRX
    Similar to Marine Rescue, the SafeTRX allows you to plan and or track your trip so you and your family have piece of mind when out on the water. Boaters can quickly activate a “distress call” or a “request for assistance” directly from the SafeTrx App. Cost: $0
    Australian Coastguard app logo

Mandatory safety equipment

Is your EPIRB in date? Have you tested your bilge pump? Winter is a great time to have your vessel given the once over to ensure everything is in working order. Francis Marine, located at our Akuna Bay location have over 50 years experience in the marine industry and are an excellent resource for marine engineering and shipwright services. Call 02 9450 2895 or speak to a D’ALBORA Marinas team member.

Winter fishing in Melbourne

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you can’t catch a feed in the bay.  A recent session just outside of the channel saw 20+ tasty Flathead caught, with 5 being kept for the table in just over an hour! Marina Manager, David and his son, Callum, had a blast with double hook-ups being the norm – fresh Flathead tails and hand cut chips are hard to beat. Here are some other cooking ideas from popular website GoodFishBadFish.com.au

Flathead is a very popular and versatile fish, suited to most cooking methods. The flesh of larger fish can be slightly dry and coarse though avoiding over-cooking by using gentle cooking methods should prevent this. A very popular fish for battering and deep-frying.

Whole fish can be roasted or BBQ’d, while fillets can be marinated, poached, steamed, grilled or fried.

Very fresh specimens can be eaten raw or marinated in a ‘ceviche’ style. Prepared this way it has a clean, fresh flavour and firm texture.

Trends in the power boat market

Whether you are a current boat owner (or perhaps in the market) there is a vast array of models to choose from. Matthew Willet of MW Marine has been in the boating industry for over fifteen years and has worked with both local Australian boat builders and international brands on both traditional yachts and power boats. Here, he shares his thoughts on the growth of the power boat market, particularly in Australia and why newer models are better adapted to Australian conditions.

The power boat market appears to be showing consistent growth – how is this trend reflected in Australia?

The best indication is to look at the manufacturers worldwide: most big companies now hold a number of sail and power brands. The Beneteau Group for example recognised a few years ago that while they held the market share for sail boats, there was an opportunity to expand into the power boat market. They invested in established brands such as Four Winns and in markets including America which showed early signs of recovery.

In Australia, the market has recovered in the $0-350k sector but people are time poor – small powerboats are becoming a real option and lend themselves well to Sydney’s harbours and inlets.

What kinds of functionality are we seeing in the newer models (for greater fuel efficiency, lower engine noise etc?)

From my observation it is all about weight and fuel efficiency. The POD drive concept is revolutionary in this industry but it’s a complete package. You combine infused and injection-moulded technology to get more precise boat weights, which means they are ultimately lighter. A lighter weight, combined with smaller engines means that less fuel is required to get the same range. The power-to-weight equation is very precise in this day and age.

What are the ‘non-negotiables’ I should be considering when buying a used/second hand model?

A proper survey is essential. Depending on the size of the boat, you might pay $1,000 to $3,000 but it’s a worthwhile investment. You can very easily run up $3, 000 worth of repairs on a boat.

What are the most common features your customers look for when buying a new power boat / motor cruiser (speed, water holding tank size, engine access etc)

Buyers these days are a lot more savvy coming into the process: they have already considered how they plan to use the boat – as a family, as a fishing vessel and so on. The layout of the boat is also a big factor, especially for overnight cruisers. It’s so important to find the right boat that fits with the buyers’ lifestyle.

Above all, good service history on a second hand boat is a must for a buyers’ peace of mind.


Introducing Mark Beer

We’d also like to welcome Mark Beer as the new Assistant Manager to D’ALBORA Marinas Cabarita Point. A valued member of the team, Mark joined D’ALBORA Marinas three years ago at our Akuna Bay location so he will be familiar to some of you; what you may not know is that, in addition to being a long time yacht enthusiast, Mark was a certified airline pilot in the USA for fifteen years. It’s fair to say that he has some wonderful travel stories to share.

Introducing Eileen Rawlinson

Please say hello to Eileen Rawlinson next time you dock at D’ALBORA Marinas The Spit. Eileen has been with D’ALBORA Marinas for over three years, joining the team as an Administration Assistant and moving up the ranks to become Assistant Manager. A Northern Beaches girl, in her spare time you’ll find her out on the water more often than not. Eileen was awarded with her Intermediate Marina Manager certificate last year and she is a valued member of the D’ALBORA Marinas team.

Whale watching season

At least 45 species of whales, dolphins and porpoises can be found in Australian waters, with humpbacks the most commonly seen whales along Australia’s coastline: during Summer months, populations spend their time in Antarctica feeding. In late Autumn they begin an annual migratory route to their winter breeding and calving grounds in the warmer tropical waters of the Pacific. That means that May and June are key months in the calendar year to see these magnificent creatures in coastal waters, so bring your binoculars next time you are out on the boat.

Did you know…
Humpback whales migrate around 5,000km on average, one of the longest migratory journeys of any mammal on Earth.

The Wood Oven hosts AFL Junior Championships

Local pizzeria The Wood Oven recently hosted dinner for Great Western Sydney Junior Sydney Bears AFL team and their families. The Sydney dwellers came up North to compete for the AFL Junior State Championships, along with twelve other representative clubs. Good luck Sydney Bears, we hope The Wood Oven magic helped add to the fire in your bellies and spurs you on to glory!