Pollution Incident Response Management Plan (PIRMP)


(This public version contains extracts from the full PIRMP – please apply in writing for copies of the full version)

1.1 Reasons for this PIRMP

The Protection of the Environment Operations (General) Amendment (Pollution Incident Response Management Plans (PIRMP) Regulation 2012 requires the holder of an Environment Protection License to have a PIRMP available on its website.

D’ALBORA Marinas operate under the following Environmental Protection Licenses:

11212 – D’ALBORA Marinas Akuna Bay
10818 – D’ALBORA Marinas Cabarita Point
11213 – D’ALBORA Marinas Nelson Bay
11214 – D’ALBORA Marinas Rushcutters Bay
11211 – D’ALBORA Marinas The Spit

If there is a risk of material harm to the environment, pollution incidents are to be notified immediately to the EPA, NSW Health. Fire & Rescue NSW, WorkCover NSW and the local council.’

1.2 Objectives of this PIRMP

This PRIMP has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of Part 5.7A of the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 and the Protection of the Environment Operations (General) Amendment (Pollution Incident Response Management Plans) Regulation 2012.

The objectives of this plan are to:

  • Ensure timely and comprehensive communication about a pollution event to the Appropriate Regulatory Authority and other agencies, and to other people who may be affected by the event
  • Minimise and control the risk of a pollution incident by identifying risks and developing suitable control measures NSW PIRMP Version 1 (Website Public)
    January 2014 including September 2015 & May 2016 amendments

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Ensure the plan is properly implemented by trained staff, identify persons responsible for implementing it, and ensuring the plan is regularly tested for accuracy, currency and suitability

C. Details of preemptive action

As part of its commitment to the protection of the environment, D’ALBORA Marinas regularly engages with specialist contractors for the following services:

  • Inspection, testing and routine maintenance of underground fuel tanks and related fuel systems
  • Ground water sampling, analysis and reporting
  • Statistical Inventory Reconciliation Analysis (SIRA) monthly reporting
  • Essential Fire Safety Measures maintenance and reporting
  • Environmental, safety, and insurance related auditing. In the event of a fuel spill, leak, or other harmful incident, the Manager and employees of each Marina are trained to follow D’ALBORA Marinas’ EMERGENCY PROCEDURES and POLLUTION INCIDENT DECISION flowcharts, both of which have been designed to assist in responding to incidents of this nature, and are readily available on site.H. Contact details of relevant authorities – See section G below for all contact details. Warnings and UpdatesCommunicating with owners and occupiers of local premises and the community The Marina Manager or nominated representative of Ardent Leisure Group shall, upon becoming aware of a pollution incident or event, assess the severity of the incident with regards to impact on:
  • Boat owners, marina tenants and occupiers of local premises
  • The communityIn assessing the severity, the following questions shall be considered:
  • Does the pollution incident have the potential to affect a business, household or operation?
  • How might it affect them (short and long term)?
  • What actions need to be taken to protect them from harm?In liaison with the CEO (or other delegated person), contact will be made with affected properties/premises through a door knock and/or letter drop to provide the following information relevant to the pollution incident:
  • What has happened
  • The environmental and, or safety implications for them
  • Actions taken or being taken to minimise harm or risk
  • What to expect
  • Where additional information will be published or available*
  • Contact details for further queries or concerns NSW PIRMP Version 1 (Website Public)
    January 2014 including September 2015 & May 2016 amendments

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*Information may be published on the D’ALBORA Marinas website, Facebook page, Twitter feeds, or other social media channels as appropriate to the time.

G. Contact details for activation, notification and response

Please refer to image at the top of this post.

Introducing the D’ALBORA Marinas M.Y Marina APP

D’ALBORA Marinas is pleased to unveil it’s new APP, available for download via iTunes.

M.Y Marina – all your marina needs at your fingertips

According to an SBS report, mobile-phone accounts outnumber Australians  – it seems that we are very wedded to our portable devices and small wonder with the convenience they provide. In this spirit, D’ALBORA Marinas is pleased to have its very own APP.

Request a dock master at the push of a button, get at-a-glance weather information relevant to your home marina as well as live member-discounted fuel prices.  You can also turn on marina-specific notifications (entirely optional).

Detailed location guides for all seven marinas within the D’ALBORA Marinas portfolio will help you plan your next nautical adventure – all D’ALBORA Marinas members enjoy reciprocal berthing – while you browse the marina retail and service guides for all your boating and leisure requirements.

Coming soon: the APP will be updated with voyage suggestions as recommended by our passionate team of local experts.

D’ALBORA Marinas M.Y Marina is available for download via the iTunes APP store.

Introducing Sandy Hapgood, Marina Manager

D’ALBORA Marinas is pleased to announce the appointment of Sandy Hapgood to the position of Marina Manager at Nelson Bay. With her previous background in tourism – including a stint as a crew member on super yachts in the Caribbean and Mediterranean – Sandy brings a wealth of knowledge to the role which, combined with her client-focused approach makes her a welcome addition to the team.

Sandy is a keen sailor and diver, so be sure to share your favourite drift dive locations with her when you next dock in beautiful Port Stephens marina.



Redevelopment of D’ALBORA Marinas The Spit

D’ALBORA Marinas has completed the multi million dollar redevelopment of The Spit, reinforcing its position as a world class marina in Sydney.


The redevelopment includes an upgrade to existing facilities, offering clients and visitors to the marina access to faster fuelling, the convenience of a brand new floating main walkway, improved access and increased safety with extensive CCTV coverage.

One of the stunning new member spaces developed is the new Marina Lounge, for the exclusive use of our C-Arm members. The Lounge is the perfect space for pre-cruise preparation, a comfortable place to meet with fellow members and a relaxing space to continue your day on the water.

Learning to love your diesel engine

Sailing tips: caring for your diesel engine

At the inaugural Women Who Sail event, hosted by D’ALBORA Marinas Nelson Bay venue ‘Broughtons at the Bay’ recently, Service Engineer James Bradshaw of Minards Diesel presented a comprehensive guide to ‘learning to love your diesel engine’. Here is a summary of his comprehensive tips.

  • Do learn about your engine systems, water & fuel systems & work with your engineer.
  • Do change your oil & filter annually or as per the engine manufacturer’s specifications. Change your oil when the engine is hot.
  • Use Manufactures Specified oil , preferably mono-grade 30 or 40 weight oil . Check your operators manual for recommendations. Check the gearbox oil at the same time and change when recommended.
  • Change your oil & filter annually or as per the engine manufacturer’s specifications. Change your oil when the engine is hot.
  • Check your sea water impeller annually and change it every two years. Carry spare impellers and seals; and possibly a spare pump on board. Check your zincs in cooling systems where fitted. Clean your heat exchangers and reseal every four years, or as per the engine manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Don’t excessively idle your engine or run at low loads for extended periods. Think about a twin alternator setup to reduce run time at anchor.
  • Don’t ignore your maintenance schedule. Don’t be scared to ask for advice and support (get to know your engineer!)

Sydney Harbour ‘Jewel In The Crown Poker Run’

D’ALBORA Marinas The Spit will host the inaugural Sydney Harbour ‘Jewel In The Crown Poker Run’ on Saturday 14 May. An invitation-only, moving game of poker with Sydney Harbour as the poker table, all funds raised from this great day out will be donated to MS, the pre-eminent source of information, advice and services for people living with multiple sclerosis. For all information regarding the event and how to register your interest, please refer to the website.