We’ve never been prouder to reconfirm D’ALBORA Marinas sponsorship with the Youth Sailing Academy (YSA) run by the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia (CYCA).

The YSA is one of Australia’s leading full-time youth academy’s and its well known and regarded both nationally and internationally, with rising talent such as Will Ryan and Harry Price excellent examples of the talent being developed through the Academy.

The YSA uses a fleet of Elliott 7m fixed keel yachts and are managed by a full team including a new head coach. D’ALBORA sponsorship assists in funding the Elliotts as well as vital development of the YSA’s training and events.

Current YSA Member Harry Price recently ranked 10th in the World Sailing rankings and recently winning the Youth Racing championship at the CYCA.

For more information about the YSA including how to get involved and school holiday courses, contact 02 8292 7806 or email ysa.admin@cyca.com.au.

Will Ryan, Graduate YSA and Silver medal winner
Will Ryan, YSA Graduate and Silver medal winner
Picture of Harry Price, YSA
Harry Price Current YSA Student, Photo Credit: David Brogen, www.sailpix.com.au