D’ALBORA Marinas is a proud sponsor of Lisa Blair and we’re proud to follow her journey as she breaks records and conquers the great oceans of the world as she single handedly circumnavigates Antartica.

Leaving Albany, Western Australia on 22 January 2017, Lisa has been at sea for XX days as of XX. Crossing International waters, datelines, rounding treacherous Cape Horn and other ill-famed reefs, while not seeing a single human for the entire time she’s been at sea.

Having already achieved a number of personal and professional sailing milestones, Lisa is on track to become the first woman and only third person in history to circumnavigate Antartica, while trying to break the record of doing so in under 102 days 00 hours 56 minutes 50 seconds.

You can support Lisa and her efforts in bringing awareness to climate change by tracking her journey and donating here.