D’ALBORA Marinas Peter and Simon experienced the newest in the Axopar range at the recent Boat Buyers Weekend held at D’ALBORA Marinas The Spit.

Heading off through Middle Harbour on the newest Axopar at 40 knots was impressive. The Axopar 37, the brand’s latest addition was a success with all visitors to the Boat Buyers Weekend, both for its stunning performance – brought on by twin 350 horsepower Mercury engines and a range of body options. The full 40 knots cruising was formidable, equally so was the turning circle, which at speed didn’t demonstrate any slip, proving its equally impressive agility.

With a range of body styles to suit the weekender boater, the Axopar delivers efficient Scandinavian style without compromising on function and agility. All Axopar 37’s come with a full double cabin – big enough for a weekend away and functional options include an aft cabin for extra guests, a full wet bar or an open deck for the entertainer.

For those looking to purchase or looking at an upgrade, the Axopar 37 delivers a performance suited for a couple, family or entertainer – for fishing, cruising or lazy days berthed at any one of our spectacular D’ALBORA marinas.

The Axopar 37 is brokered by the Boat Brokerage at D’ALBORA Marinas The Spit. To enquire email enquiries@theboatbrokerage.com or call 02 8970 9185.